Second opinion for oncological illnesses

Second Opinions

The wide variety of potential cancer treatments available today can often be overwhelming and confusing for patients and their families.

The existential threat often posed by cancer and making the difficult choice of the best treatment option(s) for the individual patient in a scientifically oriented system of medical guidelines cause many patients to seek interdisciplinary second opinions from other specialists.

We offer patients and their families consultations for second opinions for a variety of oncological concerns:

  • Medical oncology with questions on medical tumor therapy
  • Hematology with questions about treatment options for diseases of the circulatory system
  • General questions regarding treatment strategies/plans
  • Supportive therapies
  • Coping strategies and support for patients and relatives
  • Naturopathy and complementary therapies
  • Targeted thermal ablation of tumors/metastases
  • Fatigue syndrome caused by tumor
  • Nutrition information
  • Questions about lifestyle changes (exercise, sports, nutrition, lifestyle)