General Gynecological Services

Our gynecological services include:

  • Gynecologic preventive medical checkup
    • gynecological examination, examination of the breasts
    • ultrasound examination of the breasts and the pelvic region
  • Consultation for benign diseases with diagnostic procedures and treatment recommendations (such as fibroadenomas,  inflammation of the breast, ovarial cysts, ovarial tumors, uterine leiomyomas)
  • Consultation for malignant diseases with diagnostic procedures and treatment recommendations (such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer)
  • Operative treatment of the aforementioned diseases (at the Gynecology Hospital of the Donau-Isar-Klinikum Deggendorf)
  • Follow-up during systemic cancer treatment (monoclonal antibody therapy, chemotherapy, therapy with small molecules)
  • Cancer follow-up with regular examination and if necessary further diagnostic workup
  • Initiation of psycho-oncologic support
  • Initiation of genetic consultation in selected cases